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Suara MBE Edisi April 2006

Kamis, 28/11/2013 20:35:43

The U.S. Secretary of State Visits School
In February MBE and its partner program DBE began work in five con-ventional (SD) and two religious primary schools (MI) in Central Jakarta. School principals, committee members and teachers from the schools visited a number of MBE schools in Batu and Blitar and later received training from an MBE team. Then it was announced that Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. Secretary of State would visit Indonesia on 14 March and had asked to visit one of the Jakarta schools, MI Al Ma’Muriyah in Cikini.MBE and DBE helped the school to prepare for the important guest. Five facilitators from Central and East Java helped the teachers to organize their classrooms to support PAKEM. This included making reading corners, putting up displays and teaching PAKEM lessons.

On the day of the visit security was very tight, but all the teachers and students were excited, waiting for the guest to arrive. The Secretary of State was greeted by the Head of the School Foundation Bpk Siti Mursalin and the School Principal, Ibu Juwaeriyah. They visited two of the classrooms, where they were accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. B. Lynn Pascoe and the Director of USAID Indonesia, Mr. Bill Frej as well as other staff of USAID Indonesia. As a former music student Dr. Rice enjoyed istening to the children’s musical reception (see photo above).


Suara MBE 12.pdf [download]

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