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Good Practices in Education Management

Senin, 25/11/2013 10:57:12

Good planning is a key factor in determining whether education developmentwill achieve its targets. Good planning requires the availability of accurate datathat reflects current conditions. Another important factor is a planning processwhich takes into account community needs and the capacity of the districtconcerned and involves all education stakeholders and is accountable to them.

Good planning can be viewed from two angles:
• The plan itself and the preparation process. With regard to the plan itself,there are at least 5 (five) points that need to be taken   into account:
   - The plan should be as simple as possible yet the links between activitieshave to be clear so that it can be easily understood and implemented.
   - The plan should be measurable so that it will be easy to check to whatextent the implementation is in line with the planning and to what extentthe objectives have been achieved. We can measure this only if accurateand current data is available when needed.
   - The content of the plan should be realistic and relevant to the actual needsof community and district capacity to implement it.
  - The plan should be able to be used as a reference point in the implementationof the programs and activities. The use of accurate data andinformation is essential in making a reliable plan.
  - The plan must have clear time period (one year, five years, ten years orlonger). This is necessary so that resources can be allocated accordingly.


Good Practices_English.pdf [download]

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